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Name book "Your Baby and the Blue Elf, or the Story for the Skeletal Children"

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  “Your Baby and the Blue Elf, or the Story for the Skeletal Children” it is unusual psychological book, which approaches to the identity of each child without exception. The book appeals to everyone personally, because the authors have created “the Story for the Skeletal Children” named. You can put the name of your baby in each page, that might be your direct appeal and dedication.You can order this book in Ukrainian and Russian.
  Parents do not always understand the reasons for the child’s disobedience and their whims. These problems undermine your patience and build a whole wall of misunderstanding between you and your child. Leave it with little reliable helpers – elves, which reveal such difficult questions of children psychology in simple words. Your baby and the Blue Elf will overcome the whims and disobedience as the main evil from the very beginning of the story. A game narrative form of this story for the Skeletal Children will lead you to the most important truths and principles of the education, and understanding of your kid.
   This name book with magical world of elves and incredible stories, where your baby is the main character is suitable for both boys and girls. The story for the Skeletal Children is told over 23 pages. Bright illustrations will help you and your baby to plunge into the incredible atmosphere of this world of Education and calmness. Also, you can choose any language for the book: English, Russian or Ukrainian. A hardcover book with a bright cover will definitely not be left unattended by your children.
The book “Your Baby and the Blue Elf” will become a reliable friend and wise mentor to your baby in matters of self-discipline and self-knowledge. It is a great creative gift for your kids.

Количество страниц32
Вес450 г
Длина285 мм
Ширина205 мм
Формат205 х 285 мм
Срок изготовленияproduction time 5 days
Полноцветная печать+
ТиражIt is made in a single copy

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Редактор: Алексей Олейник

Автор текстов: Алена Олейник

Дизайнер: Николай Потипака

Илюстратор: Юля Демченко